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1.  How do I download your objects and wallpapers?

Answer: Click on the object picture to select the zip. Most wallpapers unless otherwise stated are grouped with the matching floors in 1 zip file.


2. Once I've downloaded your objects, how do I put them in the game?

Answer: Put files with the extensions in the matching folder -

Files ending in .wll \Maxis\The Sims\Game Data\Walls
Files ending in .flr \Maxis\The Sims\Game Data\Floors
Files ending in .iff \Maxis\The Sims\Downloads

Alternatively, if you use Sims plus File maid - it will automagically put the files into the right folders.


3. Some of Kiri's Wallpapers in Japan look the same as the Sim Goddess wallpapers for the Asian Inspiration theme.

Answer: Both Kiri and Byline used the same textures available on the internet from some wallpaper sites. They are different. Kiri's wallpapers were created and uploaded to the internet before Byline's. Basically - Byline didn't steal them from Kiri, and Kiri didn't steal them from Byline. OK? Kiri is happy, Byline is happy, we're all happy. :D


4. Some of Kiri's Fern paintings look the same as Littlestorm's paintings at Abstract Sims.

Answer: Guess what? Kiri did hers first. Eric and I have discussed it -  I am  happy for his to be on his site and he's happy for mine to be on here. We both share impeccable taste I guess :D

5. Are your files FILE-SHARE FRIENDLY?

YES!!! Please feel free to share them between yourselves if ever this site is down. But don't load them onto any other web-site. If for some reason I leave the Sims community, I'll contact 'Saving the Sims' to put them in a yahoo group.

6. May I use your textures, objects, etc for recolouring?

Kiri's stuff? Yes. I'm not sure about the others on this website - I'll get back to you on that.