"The style of an era does not mean specific forms in a specific form of art; each form is just one of the many symbols of life within, each art form is a mere contribution to the style. Yet a style is the symbol of an overall feeling, of an era's attitude to life, and is only visible within the universe of all the arts."

Peter Behrens "Celebration of Life and Art" Jena, 1900

Art Nouveau, "New Art" is called Jugendstihle or Arts and Crafts. Art Nouveau is the Pre-Raphaelite Painters, the William Morris Textiles, the Tiffany stained glass, Mackintosh Architecture, Guimard furniture, the iron and glass of Victor Horta and the strange paintings of Edvard Munch.

Art Nouveau came about in the 1890's and was followed by Art Deco in the 1910's. Art Nouveau was short-lived but it's candle burned bright while it did.

Art Nouveau  is notable for it's flowing forms, it's return to romance, fantasy and curves. The quality of well-made objects as a reaction to the mass-production that was occurring, was a catch-cry for the artists and artisans of the Art Nouveau period.