Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)
harles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was a part of the Art Nouveau movement who created unique and beautiful buildings, whose interior design was in harmony with the buildings he created and the ideals that he supported. An ardent Scotsman, his work reflects the colours and character of Scotland.
Mackintosh Wall ClockLadder Back ChairA Tapestry by Margaret MacDonald.Glasgow School of ArtWillow Tea Rooms SettleBookcase - the original is black and found in Hill House

"Hill House is sheer poetry. I would even go as far as saying that, in our century, no other house has been built which emanates as much poetry as Hill House." 
-Julius Posener

Mackintosh's most famous buildings - the Hill House, Glasgow School of Art, Willow Tea Rooms, and House for an Art Lover, have not only a beauty and a style about them, but all the buildings are immensely practical. They've been built to be enjoyed, to lift the spirits and delight the eyes. They have elements of the Art Nouveau aesthetic but the buildings are unique in their simplicity, and their thoughtful practicality. His attention to detail and the simplicity of his designs  ensured that living was an artistic endeavour. The female aesthetic, according to him was a decisive factor in his work. And that was embodied in his wife, and co-worker Margaret MacDonald.

Margaret MacDonald shaped the interiors with her fabrics and textile work. (All of the Tapestries in the Art Gallery are made by her.)

"Margaret has genius. I have only talent." - Charles Rennie Mackintosh

(I'm a sucker for a man who treasures his beloved.) His main client - another woman Miss Catherine Cranston was the one who commission the Willow Tea Rooms. (By the way, these are still operating in Glasgow).

In 1923 Charles and Margaret travelled through the French Pyrenees. At this time Charles devoted himself exclusively to landscape painting and watercolours.

He died in 1928, leaving a legacy of beauty and inspiring others in Modern Architecture. A personal hero of mine - he was not appreciated during his life as much as he should have been, but his legacy has left a growing body of respect for the man and his work.

Reference: "Art Nouveau" - Gabriele Fahr-Becker

Tribute House built by MgBit - Based on houses by Mackintosh(based on CR Mackintosh' buildings)