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Simcombe Cottage has been in the family for over a hundred years. The cottage was rethatched with straw just recently, as thatch only lasts about one hundred years. This thatch is guaranteed mouse and rat proof.

While the kitchen does retain some of the Tudor charm, the house has been fitted with all the mod-cons that a Traditional English couple may need.

The Shopping List below is included as a text file in the Zip.

Shopping List Outside:

Tudor Build Set
Walls n Floors and Roof, Windows and Doors, etc.-

Sim and Let Sim:
If you download all of Lisa's collections, you'll have it covered. Specifically, The Moss collection, The meadow collection, the menagerie, don't forget to get the Jacaranda tree. (Lisa made it for me)

Persimmon Grove
Ditto for Persimmon Grove. Download all the plants, and the abandoned Winery page.

Virtuella's Bazaar
The Garden Page

(I may have included some shrubs from "Gotta Love those sims" - but I'm not sure.

Shopping List Inside:

English Country Garden theme at this site
All furniture  and interior walls except -

Art Nouveau theme at this site.
The White ceiling lamp  in bathroom
Pearl and Gold Screen in Livingroom

Walls n All Assortment
Red Carpet in Bedroom