Tools you will need:
  • SimPE

Get the latest version (this tutorial written with v0.60)

Where do I get it?
Default Eyes are really easy to do, if you already have the eye texture you want to use.

Step 1:  Make sure you have the following colours: Green, Blue, Lt Blue, Grey, and Brown. I've also included the Alien eyes. If you're doing it for personal use - then go ahead and pick your favourites.

Step 2: Download these default bases: Default Bases. These are the maxis default eyes that have been extracted from the game.

Step 3: Open up each base with SimPE. You'll find that there is only a texture image in it.

Click on the Plug-in view, and you'll see the eye texture.

Right-Click on the Texture to get the right-click menu.

If you've installed the NVidia DDS Utilities,

Choose Build DXT, and then set up the option as follows:

Sharpen = None.
Open Image, and choose the image that you've selected. (In PNG format).

Then press Build.

The DDS Builder window will close, and your eye texture will have replaced the original texture.

If you haven't loaded the Nividia DDS utilities,

Choose Import.

Select your image,

Then Right-click menu and choose Update all sizes.

Step 4: Commit, and Save.

Then close the file.

Put the defaults in either the Saved Sims folder (or sub-folders), or in the Downloads folder (or sub-folders for nightlife or higher).

And you're done. Easy!