The Sims2 Exchange

Maxoids have done a number of topiaries that are the same as the Sims1 game.

Melly_Sims at MTS2

Creator of Complete Sims1 Neighbourhood, and working her way through creating every lot, from every expansion pack. Has also done a great set of Sims1 Walls and Floors.

She's also done recolours of Sims2 objects, to look like Sims1. See her lots, to get them.


Hed at MTS2
Windkeeper at MTS2
Max3D at MTS2
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Mutant Bunny at Piggis Sims
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Corsetcrush at MTS2
  • Midnight Mystery Canopy bed (MM)
  • Ye Olde 20th Century Banner Lights (UL)
  • Laika's Counter (UL)