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July 2013

Apr 2013

  • Stories have moved off-site and can now be found at SimVannia Waters, the blog.
  • New stuff is going up off-site and can now be found at Simthing - the blog.
    • This includes the coming soon stuff from here that has been coming soon for too long.
  • AmythestFenix has put up a lot of defaults at the Great Default project of 2013. Go to Sims2Artists to download her goodness.
  • The E-Group will be closing down at the end of May. I rarely go there anymore. All files that are there will move to the blog.
  • Tutorials will be moving off-site next - not sure where, but I will be updating them for final versions of Sims 2.

Mar 2013

  • 1. Simthing is going to have a make-over for it's 11th anniversary. What this means is that it may go wonky at times while I try out new things for it, and I'm probably going to be breaking links as well. But do not fear! You should be able to get to all your download goodies with the direct links, and I urge you to bookmark them. (Just click on the buttons above - and then when you arrive, bookmark it).
  • 2.  I'm going to set up a very basic temporary blog to load stuff up for your downloading pleasure. I will notify you when it's done. I have a stack of stuff that's uploaded elsewhere from this year, and some stuff that's never been uploaded - so rather than not post it here because it's been too hard - which is what's been happening. Do not expect beautiful pictures of downloads - just basic pictures of the downloads as they are.
  • 3. AmythestFenix and I are going to be working on the Great Default project of 2013. It's being hosted at Sims2Artist. Nothing there yet, but do please go check it out every so often.

Dec 2012

New button above "EA Sims Stuff" - has all the Sims2 Patches and Homecrafter Program from the EA Site now that it is closing down.

Sep 2010

Long time no see. Sims3 is here (which I've been playing). So there's going to be some changes to the website. But slowly slowly. I'm not going to burn out this time.

Anything I make for Sims3 will be because I need for my play. Don't expect a lot of updates.

Also - I've gotten back into Sims1. I missed creating for it. Can you imagine?

So things to download:

  • Simports is now back up via Simthing. Sims1 players will be glad for that. See the button above for details.


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