Year 2007, Years 2004 - 2006

06 May 2007 - New Tutorial!

You'll find a new tutorial on how to categorize facial hair and eyebrows. This is the start of a new section in the tutorials - organizing. This section is for players as well as creators, and is how to organize your game to optimize your game-play.


12 April 2007 - A Playable NPC Sim!

 I've often wondered what the point of having Mrs. Crumplebottom in the game, if you can't control her. SimWardrobe has dealt with half of that - He has made "The Purse". Get Mrs. C. here to be the wielder of the purse and make all our dreams come true!

10 April 2007 - No Update, but 2 new affiliates!

Fia and Lyran are two of the nicest people I know. With them, I'm a moderator at SimPixels and Graphics. The Good news is that Fia has opened up her site! Fia's Bazaar is probably the most beautiful site for Sims, and all hand-painted by Fia.

To celebrate, we're all being affiliated together, and I'm very happy for that! (Their links are below).

14 March 2007 - Says Good bye to the Round Cafe Table and Chair

SimWardrobe's introduction to Sims2 was some puppy dog eyes from me, and a request for some meshes. Now that his site is up and going, it's time for those meshes to go home. 

You'll still find recolours here, and to celebrate their return home I've created another 6 recolours for this site, as well as 12 recolours at his site. You'll find the recolours here in Table and Chair Sets.

As his other meshes move home, we'll be celebrating with more recolours!


18 February 2007 - Update DeathKat Walls

37 walls of loveliness - including a return of Vaulted Walls! The collections have been updated to include the new pieces, so please download them again (if you use collections, that is).

Also the update page is back - with the single zip of new goodies.

If you're looking for the previous update - you can find it under 'Old News' up near the heading.

February 2007 - Site Re-opening and 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

No update page this time! (I want you to go look at all the hard work I've been doing)

New Layout

If you're here, you know the site move went smoothly. You can also see that there's been a few changes...

New tidier layout - this should make it faster to load and find what you're looking for. Take time to fiddle with the drop-down menus - I'm so pleased with them!

Access to the Sims1 content is through the Sims1 button on the end of the buttons above.

New Affiliate

Something very exciting for me! Avalon and Simthing for Everyone has become affiliated. Avalon does the most amazing recolours for both Sims1 and Sims2. I've known OM, Carol and Kajsa through Juniper Sun forum - and they are some of the loveliest people I know.

New Content - More than you can poke a stick at!

Sims1 for Sims2 

  • 3 new expansion wall sets for Makin' Magic Walls - Wood and Ivy, Stone and Ivy, and Tuscan Tiles. The Ivy wall sets are made by a very dear friend of mine - Pink Mama! Thank you my dear for making such lovely sets!
  • 3 Sims1 Sims are back - Claire Charming, Mama Hicks, and Michael Bachelor.
  • New page - Sims1 Links. These are where you can get more Sims1 objects, Sims, Lots, Hoods. It's not exhaustive, so if you have Sims1 stuff for Sims2, let me know and I will add you to the links.

Art Nouveau 

New Meshes

  • New Decor - James has done a painting for Over the Fireplace, Kiri has fixed the Bella Squared Frames and made a newspaper pile for decoration.

DeathKat Walls

  • If you'd prefer DK's walls named with 'wall_DK02'  rather than DK02, you can download this BAT file, which will automatically rename all DK's walls. Just put it in the folder where you have her walls, and double click on the file.
  • an added Harmony wall - Simplicity-Sea. you can find it on the end of the Harmony Walls page 2.

Simports2 - 

Art Gallery -  This is a new section for Art that doesn't fit a theme. You'll find -

Decor - This is a new section for decorative objects that don't fit a theme. You'll find - 

Build - This is a new section for your Build objects that don't fit a theme. You'll find - 

Pets - This is a new section for Pet-Related objects. You'll find

Living Rooms - This is a new Section for Living rooms that don't fit a theme. You'll find - 

And if you're still reading to the end - that my dears, is your lot for the time being! I'm off to feel exhausted!

Kiri and the creators for Simthing for Everyone!