Year 2007, Years 2004 - 2006

2006 - Simthing for Everyone

30 October

DeathKat has done 56 walls and floors. Gorgeous Wood floors, and more bricks, plains and patterns.

As usual - you go to DK's Walls Index, the pages with new walls are circled.

17 August

It's my turn this time. I do love Plate decorations. There's oodles of them - and more to come. 

You can find it in the Basics section

6 August

More Updates - From Mere this time... (She's going to have LOTS of updates!)

23 Gorgeous 'Harmony' living rooms (those that DK made matching walls for)

3 August

From DeathKat - more walls than you can poke a stick at...

4 pages of Interior Walls

2 pages of walls created from Deathkat's Sims1 Walls

1 page of Panelling

2 pages of Walls made to match the Harmony sets

1 page of Cement foundations

1 page of Exterior Walls

1 August

In Ireland with Internet. Yay! OK. There is 8 months worth of stuff to go up, and I'm not going to upload it all at once. But be assured, there are more updates coming.

From Hannah

First up, is Hannah's Houses. There are 7 new houses, and a link fixed. Yup! I found a non-empty package for her 'It's a Man's World." Please feel free to download.


2005 - Simthing for Everyone

Dec  2005

Sims 2 News

New Walls from DeathKat - Interior, Exterior, Modern and Tiled.

From Kiri:

Desert Spice Walls - modified.  Two requests now fulfilled - Desert Spice Walls with Modern Light Wood moulding, and with no moulding. Also there's collections for all 3 sets.

A New Section: Blast from the Past. We start with the complete set of Maxis Wallpapers from Sims1 for Sims2. There will be more in this section in later times. I'm particularly pleased with the wallpapers, as I discovered a new way of enlarging the sims papers, to reduce the pixellation at close range.

We hope you enjoy the new Sims2 things and have a happy holiday season.

Kiri and the Creators of Simthing for Everyone.

31 Oct  2005

Sims 1 News

This is likely to be the last object update from us for Sims 1, as I'm fully engrossed by the possibilities of the Sims2 game. I'd like to express my gratitude  to Maxis for inventing such an inspiring and consuming game. Also to the people who emailed me in the last 4 years, I've appreciated your mail, your ideas and thoughts.


Walls from DeathKat - these are the ones from Stone Age Sims, that have come home here.

Old Curiosity Shop from Kiri is a new section for sims1. This is the section where all the stuff that didn't quite make it as a set, and some that are very old sets that don't match a theme are going. Its worth trawling through the pages - there's previously unreleased stuff on most all of them.

Houses from Hannah is another new section. Hannah has made houses for sims1 Mod Squad, and now that Mod Squad has closed down, she's come home here. 

Sims 2 News

There is a new version of C.E.P. - Please go get it to continue to be able to use recolours for Maxis meshes.

Kiri and the Creators of Simthing for Everyone.

05 Sep 2005

My Hotmail has stopped working - I'm not able to reply or forward mail. I've changed the site email address to yahoo - celebkiriedhel @

Also - could the person who emailed me with the title "South West Sink" please email me again. Hotmail decided that it was a junk mail and deleted it before I had a chance to read it. Thanks.

14 Aug 2005

James has excelled himself with his new meshes - magazine racks, menu boards, tables and chairs for a cafe, tables and stools and ceiling light for general living.

Mere has started to make meshes too! Her first published mesh is a painting mesh, with paintings by Roy Avis. She's also recoloured some of James' meshes to make beautiful mosaic tables with matching chairs.

Hannah has done 2 houses for Sims2 .

I've converted another set from Simports International - and opened up a new section: Simports International for Sims2. I'm also going to start putting the Juniper Sun Bus tour stuff in that area. Simports also has a new sims1 wall and floor set. Lots of recolours of James' meshes, and lots more carpets and floors for your basic home.

From Hannah:

Hannah's Homes     2 houses - A bachelor pad, and a 1 bedroom home

From Mere:

New Meshes      New Painting Mesh!
Mere's Art           6 paintings by Roy Avis
Mere's Dining   
set of mosaic tables and matching chairs

From James:

New Meshes     5 tables, 2 chairs, a menu board, a magazine rack and a ceiling light

From Kiri:

26 June 2005

I apologise to all of you for the delay in the update. I've been distracted/obsessed by the Legacy Challenge that I'm running at SimPixels and Graphics, and then with the EZboard being hacked and trying to recover years of data ... well it's been an interesting 2 months, just not that productive.

Today we've got a lot for you: 

Site name-change: Now it's Simthing for Everyone! 

First up, and most importantly - The Site has changed it's name. For the first 3 years, I maintained this site, and made most everything on it. But that's changed - firstly by the addition of my dear friend DeathKat, joining the site and then with James-SimWardrobe making meshes for us, and Hannah with her houses, and now Mere has given us some beautiful objects as well. It seems to me it's no longer Kiri's Simthing - it's ours. So "Simthing for Everyone" it is! 

Stories has been updated with my Legacy Challenge story (6 episodes so far), and also links to the rules and gifts page. The gifts are things that you can't download - but are rewards for completing different parts of the challenge. 

The FAQ page has been updated with Sims2 information.

From DK: From Mere:

 Hope you enjoy it all,


30 April

Sims2: DeathKat has made some more beautiful walls for us. You can find them all on the update page

Also look up and to the left hand side - there's a new button "Stories". It's the continuing saga of Pleasantview in my game (which I've now started any number of times).  Jimmy Phoenix is the first Sim to have his story told.  It's been an ongoing tale at SimPixels and Graphics (my home forum).  There's a few other story tellers at SimPixels and Graphics - so if you enjoy stories drop into SimChat and have a read.

Also - have a look at Previews... there's a new set there that will be coming soon.

18 April

Sims2: SimWardrobe has made more meshes! This time 2 new screen meshes. One plain one and one with a rounded top. I've done a stack of recolors for them. As usual, they are free to recolor for free sites, and pay-sites that allow recolors of their meshes.

14 April

Sims2: I'd like to welcome Hannah as a house builder to this site. Hannah has built some fabulous houses in the past, and her first home for us here is a real sweetie. Beachy Living is two apartments on one block, with lockable front doors. Very playable and quite affordable for the starting Sim!

For the moment, the homes will be unfurnished, until we've built up a library of objects that can be included in the Sims2packs.

2 April

Sims2: This update is a special one, I've created the South-West collection as a Memorial to Sandi Wondrheart. DeathKat has created some walls for the tribute as well.

Wondrheart was a sweet and generous person that I had the good fortune to work with in 2004 on the Honey Dipper's site. She died in January 2005, and is much missed by those who knew her. Her love of the South-West was illustrated by her website: Wondrheart's Santa Fe Sims and e-group: Wondrheart's Sim Stuff, so I've made this collection as a memorial to her. I hope that you enjoy it, and keep Sandi Wondrheart in your remembrance. Kiri.

15 March 

Sims2: DeathKat has done some more walls  - interiors, a vaulted set and a tile.

In the meantime - SimWardrobe has done 2 new mesh bases that are re-colour friendly : A 3 tile frameless painting, and a small circular painting that can be used for clocks.

In fact, Kiri has - and you'll find them in Basic Art - 5 Clocks

11 March 

There's a Santa Fe Lounge that I did as a part of Juniper Sun Bus Tour for this month. 

2 March

PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD THE TAPESTRY MESHES (the recolors are ok and unchanged) THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THEM THAT HAS BEEN FIXED (that would have caused trouble for recolor-ers). Thankyou Very Much to Didi who picked it up!

1 March


Anybody wants Rugs? Echo, Windkeeper and Numenor have kindly provided us with bases, so here you'll find tons of recolors here. You'll need the original bases that you can find at MTS2 forum.

Next - SimWardrobe and I have been collaborating on some Sims2 objects on New Meshes. Our first offering are a 2-tile and 3-tile tapestry. I've done a stack of re-colors for them in Art Nouveau, and there will be more to come. You'll also find a tutorial on how to create recolors of your own.

 Also some housework - I've decided to convert Simports International objects that I have made from sims1 to Sims2 - but they will be on this site, not on Simports. I've started with Rugs.

Finally, I have more paintings of another Art Nouveau Artist - Tamara de Lempicka

23 February

Today's Update is HUGE!!

Sims2: DeathKat has done a ton of walls! 6 more Brick walls - some more interior walls, slate floors and BLISS! Tiled wall sets - completely gorgeous ones that I've been pining for. As well, she's done some single tile walls that will make any room into a bright, colorful extravaganza!

Kiri's made matching Chimneys for the Brick walls, and a matching bathroom for one of DK's amazing tile walls!

All the update can be found on the New page. A Preview page has also been added so you can see what's being developed. (See the button above).

sims1: DeathKat has done a ton of Sims 1 walls! Exterior Walls - some more interior walls, and Vaulted Walls


13 February

Sims2 DeathKat has added some Brick walls - Finally! some Exterior Walls that don't suck! Kiri's made a little girl's room to match one of her fabulous Kid's wallpapers. 

DeathKat updates with Vaulted Walls, Teen Walls , a few more Interior Walls and some much needed Floors


9 February

Important Notes: C.E.P. has been updated and you should download the new version. 


The new expansion pack to come, has meant that all objects (NOT walls or skins) need to be updated so that they will be usable. All the objects on this site have now been updated. If you go to the
NEW page, you'll find a SINGLE RAR, that will give you ALL the Sims2 objects from this site. These will overwrite the existing objects. Alternatively, if you want to do just a few objects - all the zips on the site have been updated to comply with the new format. From TODAY onwards, all objects on this site will be EP-compliant. 



6 February 2005

Another Update - Another person who's precious to me has affiliated with my site - James of Paladin's Place  (also known as SimWardrobe). We've been collaborating on some new mesh objects for Sims2, and I hope to have some re-colors available for you soon.

Next - DeathKat of DK Designs has been having trouble with bandwidth. So I've invited her to join my site with her Sims2 Walls, and she accepted!   (As you can tell, I'm excited by this)

Her recent walls are now available here in the  DK's Walls section.

As a site-warming welcome gift - you'll find furnishings matching one of DK's walls on her main page. Welcome DeathKat! I hope you enjoy your time with me here..


1 February 2005

Who'd have thought - 3 years! This anniversary I have birthday presents for me as well as you!

First up - I'm pleased and honored to announce that I have affiliated with two sites, and two people who are very precious to me. The first is DeathKat of DeathKat's Designs. The other is Meredith of Mere's Folly. Please visit their sites - both are talented creators.

Second up - 2 New Tutorials. This time for Sims2. Making Wallpapers for Sims2 and Creating a Test Space for Sims2. 

Next is something I'm very pleased to offer: The Art Nouveau Theme for Sims2! This was my most popular theme in Sims 1, I hope that you'll love it just as much in Sims2. All the Walls and Floors have been re-done using the original textures, and I think improved as well. There is also all new Art work - 121 pieces of it to be exact. What's the point in having a house furnished in Art Nouveau Style if all the doors and windows are modern? You can find new Doors and Windows in the Build Section! You'll need furnishings too - how about a Sofa Collection (Living Room) in William Morris style and a bedspread? (Bedroom)? And if you look carefully you'll also see there's a partially furnished house too! 

Over 200 new pieces for your Sims to enjoy!

So Happy Birthday to Us and I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as I do 

Love Kiri 

6 February 2005

New Section - DeathKat's Walls.

1 February 2005

A New Theme - Art Nouveau. Walls and Floors, Art, Bed, Build, and Living 

16 January 2005

My first Object set for the site - Navy Mikado living. Can be found in the new section - Asian Connection. 

If we've got Basic Carpets, we need basic walls as well! The Desert Spice collection (that I created for sims1) is now available for Sims2, and can be found in the 
Basic Walls section!

9 January 2005

More carpets - 63 to be exact . You'll find them in the  Basic Carpets Collection.
All my floors and walls are offered as packages - not sims2packs - so you can unzip them into a folder of your choice. They also have realistic names. So it's easy to spot them.

5 January 2005

I got Sims2 last year, and finally got the new computer to run it properly just before Christmas. I am looking forward to creating many of the themes I've loved for Sims2.

In the meantime - I've been fiddling with the new Home Crafter Plus and there's 52 new carpet tiles for you in the Basic Carpets Collection.


2004 - Kiri's Simthing for Everyone

October  2004

DeathKat has made some more walls - Vaulted, Interior and Miscellaneous. Or on the individual pages (most recent are found on page 1). I particularly like the English Garden vaulted ones 

September  2004

My favourite food is Chocolate, and there's a new theme for you - Chocolate Honey. Yummy! There's Art, Rugs, Walls (Exterior). 

Note: There's a new 2x2 Rug Base - that's free to clone for non-pay objects!

DeathKat has more Walls! This time some New ones, but also some old ones from a previous site that are no longer up.

August  2004

DeathKat has made some more beautiful walls - Vaulted, Interior and Miscellaneous. Or on the individual pages (most recent are found on page 1).

23 April  2004  - Later that same month!

DeathKat has made some more beautiful walls. See her pages for them. I've set up a page that has her new papers

 I've got a new tutorial for you. How to make plain wallpapers.

April 2004

Not quite ready with the things I'm making at the moment - however I've got something very special for you from DeathKat!!!

She has very kindly allowed me to host some of her wallpapers - And there's 5 pages of them - Vaulted Wallpapers, Interior Sets and Miscellaneous. I've been having a grand old time playing with them in the game - and they're here for you now.

The Tutorials are back up! The old A-buffer tutorial has been updated. More to come later...

The Links are back up. They're some great sites that I appreciate there. You may too.

1 February 2004


Just over 2 years ago folk from a group called the SimZMisfits talked me into having a site - Thank you my friends. 2 years and 3 host servers later, here we are - still going strong, if a little slower than the beginning. Thankyou to Lerilai who hosts both this site and Simports and does a splendid and worthwhile job at it too!

 This Update has been brought to you by the letters ATS and the man SimWardrobe.  Two Love beds made from Sandy's DIY love-bed base and headboard and footboard. SimWardrobe has gifted me with a new 3-tile base for painting that needs no expansion pack. He's also been teaching me to hack - so I've got 2 fire-safe fireplaces to replace the 2 I've already made. Also much thanks needs to go to Koromo who listened to me panic and tested the objects on her system. Good on ya Matey! And a big thankyou to Chariss who made the PSP template that I used to do the love beds with.

The New things:

  • The Honour Roll has been updated with new worthy recipients - go and have a look, and feel all warm and glowing about the good people in our community.
  • There's a new plain wallpaper collection in Walls n All called Desert Spice - lovely rich reds, oranges, yellows and browns.
  • A New Tudor Bedroom - 2 Love beds and all.
  • Matching Walls for the Tudor Bedroom - 14 walls and 2 floors.
  • 6 New 3-tile Tapestries. No expansion pack required. Tudor and Art Nouveau designs.
  • Replacement Fireplace for Tudor Fireplace and Mackintosh Fireplace. This one is guaranteed not to burn anything but logs in the fire! 

In case you were wondering what happened to December? The Christmas update made it as far as the e-group. You can find it there still.

2003 - Kiri's Simthing for Everyone

November 2003

Another Return to Simthing for Everyone - New York Loft theme is back. 

I got kinda carried with the Tudor stuff - so there's some more build objects. There's another half-wall divider cause I wasn't happy with the last one - this one's based on a one-tile rug and the z-buffer's have been fixed for all directions, also it can go against the wall no troubles now. There's also stairs, an arch piece, window boxes and all :)

Speaking of all - there's a new section called "Walls n All" - for wallpapers and floors, and miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit a theme. It has a new "Urban Stone" collection of plain wallpapers. These owe in great part to the example of Simorphor's excellent plain wallpapers. I finally worked out how to do them.

Special Update - October 2003

I wish to announce a new page. It's called "The Honour Roll." See the button up the top. Listed here are people who have been nominated because of the honour, generosity and kindness that they've shown within the Sims Community. If you're feeling like everything is terrible - go read this page to see what some people with huge hearts are doing in the background. If it makes your heart swell - why don't you go email that person and let them know that you appreciate what they are doing for us. It's not about the quality of their objects - its about the quality of their hearts. The finest quality - and we are blessed to know them. If you have had an experience of kindness, and want to honour them - feel free to drop a note in the e-group. I'll post it up here.

(Also the Tudor Cottage has been posted in the English Country Garden section)

October 2003

Unfortunately - there is a delay with the Honour Roll and the Tudor Cottage. I hope to have them up next weekend. Sorry to all involved.

The new bits and pieces for the English Country Garden Set is an architectural set of objects, wallpapers, floors and roofs to make a Tudor Cottage. 

I've popped up the Art Nouveau section as well, just the one new object for this set, but I hope to expand it for the proper October update later.

September 2003

English Country Garden is now back up due to demand.

August 2003

Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Architect, Interior Designer and inspiration! His page is now set up - you'll find it's a little different to the previous layout - there are buttons at the top and down the side - all the furniture is on the furnishings page until I decide which room it all goes into. 

  • 3 New pages of Wallpapers, with a matching rotating rug so that you can make those lovely floor tile patterns that will look the same no matter which way you look at them!

 White Stone Living - Also up. It's a little messy at the moment, but at least you'll be able to get your hands on the new  build items. 

  • a gable roof set, half-wall divider, edging, and matching wallpapers and floors. 

July 2003

Just a temporary Page to let you know that the site is changing at Simthing for Everyone.  Most of the links don't work - but the latest objects can be found at the New button above.

The FAQ button works - and there's been a change to my cloning policy. Please take note - all T-moggers.

The Email and Egroup buttons also work - so I am contactable during the renovation. If there's anything you particularly want - ask for it at the Egroup and I will upload it there.

Also I've joined the TSR Fansite listing - feel free to use it to find other worthwhile sites.